Speed Optimization

Speed Optimization
Faster websites, faster conversion

In this highly-digitalized and fast-paced business world, loading time is the pivotal factor that can either drive the customer towards your website or away from the website. Your website is the digital portal to reach ultimate business success. Where every business wants to deliver greater online experience through advanced features, your site’s speed is what impacts the customers’ purchase decision. Since the entire business world has shifted towards digital landscapes, reducing the site’s loading time is one of the major concerns of today’s businesses and brands.

Where better site speed makes your brand easily accessible, it also keeps you ahead of your potential competitors — higher the website speed, the higher the search engine results page rankings. Considering the pace of today’s evolving business world, keeping up the pace with this evolution is what guarantees you success in digital realms. Longer the loading time, the higher the chances that a customer might leave your website without even browsing your website.

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Upgrading your SEO game!

Here at PARALLAX360, our experts and SEO specialists take care of every aspect that can contribute to slow loading speed. Our experts evaluate the platform and analyze the audience and approach used to create the website to come up with the right strategy to optimize your page and website’s speed. Our teams of skilled developers and analysts determine the factors that might be slowing down your website speed and update the code to ensure page speed optimization.

Our Approach
Here’s what we offer to optimize your site’s SEO:
Media optimization
Images and videos are usually the common factors that slow down the loading speed. Here at PARALLAX360, we convert and store such content on the right servers and locations to ensure higher loading speed and better conversions.
Pages with unstructured lines of code are another core reason that outbreaks the page speed. Our advanced coding practices and expert developers use agile development methods and WordPress speed optimization tools to correct any such mal-practice.
Caching strategy
Before caching any media file or content our experts first analyze the various caching techniques and strategies and come up with the right strategy that goes well with your needs. We provide you with strategies befitting your site’s flexibility level.
Mobile optimization
The business world is all about going mobile. At PARALLAX360, our experts conduct a thorough analysis of your site’s performance and optimize its loading time and content for the mobile browsers.
Retaining your customers for accelerated business growth!

Website speed optimization is probably one of the undervalued strategies of digital marketing. Faster loading speed is not just the demand of modern customers; rather, it is one of the critical requirements for Google’s SEO. Google not only provides the user strip the best content; rather, it also makes sure that the provided link offers greater user experience. Where better content and higher quality are the key requirements for greater user experience, better loading speed is what keeps the user engaged with your content.

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