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Leveraging the expediency of the Search console for advanced strategies!

The name Google is synonymous with innovation, and it has never disappointed the digital marketers. Whether it was the introduction of webmaster or Search Console, Google outdoes itself every time it introduces a new search engine optimization tool. A search console is a free tool provided by Google to handle and resolve all the search issues and improve the functionality.

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What exactly is Search Console?

Search console is a comprehensive assortment of various tools and reports that help you in pinpointing and fixing errors. The ultimate benefit of using this tool is an improvement in the search engine rankings.

Google Search Console to SEO is what revenues are to business; your business can’t function without it. Where this third-party tool helps in the diagnosis of SEO issues, it also contributes to enhancing the overall functionality of your website.

Boosting your search results through GSC!

We compose campaigns that not only drive sales and search engine results, but they also align well with the developing tools and trends.

Our experts guarantee maximum online visibility and higher website performance. Here at PARALLAX360, we adapt to new technologies and innovative SEO solutions to provide you with the highest quality SEO strategies and plans. We provide you with the expertise of highly-trained SEO professionals who are well-versed in various SEO tools and online solutions, including the Google Search Console. A detailed Google Webmaster report always helps analyze the performance of your website.

Our Approach
Here are some of the most popular features of Google Search Console that are a crucial part of every search engine optimization strategy.
Index Status
This feature allows you to view all the blocked pages and pages removed from the Google index. This innovative tab should be reviewed every month to make sure the proper indexing of new pages and accidental blocking of pages by Google.
Crawl Stats
This great feature allows you to review how often and how in-depth Google crawls your website. If the crawling is not comprehensive enough, it means that you need to restructure your website and update your content regularly.
HTML Improvements
This feature helps you in making simple improvements to your website. The feature provides you with a detailed list of all items and elements that should be fixed or improved when you are updating your existing site or structuring a fully-indexed new site.
Internal Links
Our skilled experts are here to convert your business messages and tweets into relevant and organic sales leads. We ensure that your followership consists of brands and influencers that might contribute to fostering organic and long-term business growth.
Sitemap Submission
This feature allows you to speed up your site indexing and increase your website’s crawling by Google. Our team is an expert at google search console handling for your website.
Experience the sharp rise in your site’s organic visibility and traffic!

Google Search Console is indeed an SEO necessity and a powerful tool for obvious reasons. Here at PARALLAX360, we provide you with GSC-powered strategies to ensure maximum visibility and presence. We couple this amazing tool with innovative SEO approaches to gain more search insights and to plan your overall SEO strategy.

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