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 When it comes to digital marketing, conducting an on-site and technical audit is of great importance. A detailed and in-depth analysis of your website’s on-site and off-site page activity is what helps you in determining the value of your SEO strategies. A technical audit is crucial for identifying the overall capabilities of your website. Where it provides you with a thorough and well-evaluated review of your website’s performance, it also defines the factors which restrict the search engine from crawling your site’s content.

A well-structured technical audit report gives you a complete overview of what your potential competitor is doing and what tactics they are using to escalate their SEO performance and results. The chief objective of this complete technical audit is to assess the impact of the links used in your website and to monitor the status of the site’s content.

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As opposed to other SEO services providers, PARALLAX360 provides you with user-focused and objective-oriented strategies and technical audit reports. We ensure that your website not only engages the right group of audience and customers; furthermore, we make it Google-friendly through our professional SEO auditing process.

Here at PARALLAX360, our SEO specialists understand that simpler code, clean and well-structured pages optimized elements and content are the keys to getting higher ranks on SERPs. We make sure that your website is equipped with the right features and SEO-oriented keywords which guarantee better growth and enhanced visibility.

Our Approach
We conduct regular technical audits to make sure that the search engine crawls your site and your web pages are appropriately indexed. At PARALLAX360, our teams of SEO auditing experts and professionals not only provide you with compelling website content; instead, they use a strong SEO foundation that complements the content. Here’s what we offer to keep your site’s ranking higher:
Determine and fix site-architecture related issues.
Conduct analysis of backlinks for better user engagement rate.
Scan and test the keyword density to identify the contest duplicity.
Classify the strengths and weaknesses of the website to boost the success of your website.
Tripling the organic leads and traffic of your website!

Where technical auditing is crucial, conducting a thorough audit can be a challenge at times. Here at PARALLAX360, we provide you with the professional assistance of highly-proficient experts to make your website impactful and your search engine results and performance stronger. From strategizing your internal linking to testing and improving your site’s speed, PARALLAX360 is your one-stop platform for all the SEO related problems and issues and the best website for technical analysis!

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